These are very trying times with COVID-19 spreading so quickly and the front line has changed. Doctors, Nurses, Fire Fighters, Police, EMT, Construction, Truck Drivers, Grocery Store Clerks, Stockers, Warehouse Workers and the list goes on. This newly designed sticker has the COVID-19 virus image throughout the design, the Skull with a protective mask and is an awesome way to share that you or someone you love is an essential worker during these trying times. This sticker measires 3.5" diameter and is contour cut and ready to be placed to show your pride in all that you or someone else is doing to keep out great country moving forward. This vinyl sticker will stay in place so be careful if you decide to put it on paint. it's not going to want to let go no matter where you decide to diplay it. Great for windows, tool boxes, cabinet doors and even recreational vehicles. Get yours today!!!